A family estate from generation through generation since XVIIIth century. In 1937, Robert Minet took place after his father, in the early beginning of the PDO Pouilly-Fumé. Robert, who’s also a cooper, grows 3 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc.

Robert Minet Domaine Régis Minet

In 1978 Robert suddenly passed away, so his son, Régis, took over his place and ran the estate. He’s only 17 years old but is a hard-worker. This latter has been rewarded because the estate is world-widely famous today and is now 12 hectares. In 2021, after 43 lonely harvests, Régis is ready to pass on the estate. But you don’t leave your place in a day and this is a big change after you’ve given so much over the years. 

Domaine Régis Minet - travail à la vigne

The stars are well aligned and everything became clear water when Lucia Mineur-Billet, his step daughter had mentioned her wish to take over the lead. Her determination, the strong estate’s team and Régis’s support are the assets to this new chapter. 

When a transmission became a singular adventure: a story of human & passion! 

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